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The Source

575 Pennsylvania Ave. NW



Located downtown next to the Newseum behind the DC Superior court building, The Source is someplace you want to put on your TO DO list if you haven’t been already.

Like most folks, I tend to visit the restaurant website to get an idea on prices and selection. The Source website was interesting and very busy. I had to actually give it my attention to navigate through the menu section. They have a total of 7 menus, yep 7, but no kid’s menu. I guess that would have been one too many.

I think you need some of those special decoder glasses because I could not see the prices next to any of the items on the menus. Can somebody send me the link to where I can find some of those glasses please? Hey I bet that’s what those Google Glasses are used for??? (giggle)

Anyway, VH1 and I decided to head on over to see what the hype is all about. We usually book our reservations early for dinner. One because we have jobs where we can sneak out early without being noticed and two because we are hungry from starving ourselves all day so that we are sure to order every possible course and enjoy!

I walked over from the metro green line at Archives and grabbed a seat at the bar to wait on VH1 who of course did valet. The bartender – that word seems so ancient, promptly came over to say “hello” and gave me a few menus. One was a drink menu, another wine and the third was bar Nosh. Actually the Nosh deal seemed pretty good for $22 bucks but when I saw the drink menu I almost fell off the stool.

Yes, I know I am super cheap for a foodie but $14 drinks…really? Really? I just kept staring at this menu thinking WTH so I asked, “excuse me do you guys have any happy hour specials”, nope but you can order a regular drink. So I got my standard, Vodka with anything and guess how much that was….$11 bucks and with the tip I was back at $14. 




Before the drink came VH1 was there and it was like déjà vu with the 3 menus yada yada and finally she goes…. “$14 bucks, they don’t have a happy hour” (giggle). The bar area was a good size for DC standards and very polished. Cushy seats, communal tables, couple of small tables and the bar. We thought it was pretty slow for a Friday, compared to most spots in DC by 6pm.

The Source is really swanky just like I like it with lots or marble, glass and stainless steel all over the place…ahhh. I guess that don’t come cheap. I would suggest putting forth a little effort with the outfit if you come here and I would imagine this would make a great date night destination. Not really a jeans and t-shirt kind of place and not especially kid friendly. I imagine they have a kid’s menu someplace but I’d guess they’d probably prefer not to dig it out.

The hostess popped over to confirm we were ready to head up to our table and placed our drinks on a cute little tray and we followed her upstairs. Again, not many folks up in the dining area yet which was nice so we kinda had the opportunity to linger and glance a bit more at the views. This level also had floor to ceiling windows and a narrow outdoor seating area. I think there was also outdoor seating on the ground level too but who’d want to sit outdoors when you have a nice setting like this!

Let me mention that the staff did nothing to add to this experience. They seemed like cyborgs to me, in matching outfits. Not saying that they were rude or anything, on the contrary, they were extremely efficient but in a much rehearsed sort of way.

Okay, now to the food.  O-M-G it was so good. THE END!


Suckling Pig


Just kidding, we were so early that we did not have the opportunity to see dishes passing by and say…ooh what’s that, let’s try it but as it got busier we saw so many things that looked incredible but our selections did not disappoint.

We started with the Pork Belly Tiny Dumplings and Crispy Suckling Pig and yes it was agonizing making a decision – I wouldn’t wish this punishment on anybody. 



My mouth is watering right now…these were both outstanding! The dumplings were perfection and came with a side of Lo Mein noodles. The Suckling Pig was not what I expected but, well take a look at the pic. This was very good too.

Second course, again just as agonizing to choose but we eventually went with Lacquered Chinese Duck, yep both of us.



Lacquered Duck

So funny, VH1 originally planned on going with the Tasting Menu with wines until she saw the sticker. I won’t give that away, I’ll let you experience as she did (giggle) BUT if you have a pair of those Google glasses you can probably peep the price online. 


Lacquered Duck


The duck was excellent, almost as good as this place I experienced in Beijing last year, with the crispiest skin ever, truly lacquered. I would say that it was a little more done than I prefer but still outstanding and neither of us could finish it all.



Now for dessert, menu 3 of 7, I got the 15-layer Carrot Cake and VH1 went with the Cookies. Our waiter mentioned that the Carrot Cake was voted one of the top 10 in the city and since I am a sucker for that sort of talk I focused on the cake. VH1 on the other hand is a bit more sophisticated and went with the cookies which were these large warm chocolate chip cookies – crispy not chewy- the presentation was nice too. 



I prefer a little crunch as opposed to chewy so I snatched up a few to take home. The carrot cake did have 15 layers, so moist and not too sweet.


15 Layer Carrot Cake


Look, what can I say, The Source lived up to the hype guys. So if you are interested in that Tasting Menu for you and your date, grab your gold platinum card and head over for a treat.

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