Urbana – Winning



2121 P Street NW


So we had to stop by to pick up travel Visas nearby and wanted a bite for dinner when I said, lets try this place around the corner – Urbana. I had brunch here a while ago and remembered how much I enjoyed it.

It was happy hour so we decided to have a couple of drinks. The atmosphere is very inviting and friendly. The bar area has a cozy seating area, plush sofas for groups to mingle. Also they have drink and nosh specials which is ALWAYS appreciated.



Its unusual to see drink specials for $6 using Absolut liquor so this was especially nice. I did not have the pizza but I don’t think you can buy a pizza at the grocery store this cheap. Folks, this is a very nice happy hour deal here!


After our drinks we headed over to the dining room which is modern with an additional counter area where you can view the prep area and wood burning oven. This is a very nice touch, especially if you are a solo diner and prefer to stay away from a table. 


It was not difficult for me to make my decision as I  started with the Lobster Ravioli followed by the Duck Breast. My partner for the evening had the Cacciuco and we shared the Gelato for dessert. The menu had nice selections —Pizzas, Cheeses, Salumi, Brussels Sprouts and lamb meatballs. Very nice!!


Lobster Ravioli



Our serving team was very good. I think our server was Sasha. She was very attentive without being interruptive. A nice touch was when the entree’s arrived by one of the chefs. I for one can appreciate the little touches that provide special attention…it can make a mediocre meal into something special. BUT PLEASE UNDERSTAND there is nothing mediocre about Urbana. 


Duck Breast



As you can see from the photos the food looks delicious. I will confirm that everything did taste just as good as better than it looks!



The broth from the seafood dish was outstanding and the seafood itself was very fresh and moist. This dish along with the italian bread was outstanding. Classic comfort food. The Duck did not disappoint either. Once it arrived I realized that I didnt tell Sasha how I wanted it prepared but it was perfect. Tender and juicy….makes me want to grab my farecard and head out the door right now!


The only thing that we were not as impressed with was the Gelato. I know that’s odd as I am not sure if this is something that is prepared onsite or from a manufacturer. Just wasn’t what I expected but the pastry that came along with it was excellent.




If you have not experienced it, URBANA should definitely go on your to do list. Great service, sleek surrounds and excellent food – winning combination.



Its located about 10  minutes from the metro red line Dupont Circle stop.


7/11/13 – Happy Hour 

Very good. I highly recommend this.


Although the sprout were tasty I was not impressed, especially compared to most every place I’ve had them out in DC. 






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