The Capital Grille – aka The American Steak House

Capital Grille

601 Pennsylvania Ave NW


For some reason I am of the impression that this restaurant needs no introduction and that if you live in DC even though you may not have eaten here you surely know a few things about it – or at least assumptions. Like for instance, it’s very expensive and has a very formal atmosphere.

Well God bless American Express. Every year they send me a $50 coupon for this place and I scurry down for happy hour. Of course, one drink and appetizer later my tab is already over my limit (giggle). No seriously, CG is expensive and when you enter it reeks exclusivity. I think this location in particular because its located very close to the Hill and there are always limo’s in front and men in dark suits involved in intense conversations. The walls are dark wood with staunch white table clothes and animal heads on the wall that I saw while on Safari last month.

This time, instead of sitting at the bar I decided to take a table solo in the main dinning room. This was pretty early in the evening and it was already so dimly lit that I could not get a decent picture of the food. No worry because you don’t need a big imagination for the CG – its a Steak House and a very good one, maybe the best in DC. View the menu here.

I did not order the beef but instead chose the surf. Chilean Sea Bass which was very well done. I started with the chowder and finished with their Coconut Cream Pie.

Everything here is done very well with no surprise so if you are looking for some type of exciting interesting menu head to 14th street. But if you want a great steak and efficient staff come here. You’ll get what you expect.