Sax – Would You Like Some Burlesque With That?


734 Eleventh Street NW


There is nothing quite like Sax in DC. If you are looking for something a little different, entertaining and sexy with your drink or meal in DC then this is the place to go.

Everyone should go here at least once. I’ve been here for dinner, happy hour and now Brunch and I gotta say that after 3 visits I think that I’d go for drinks to entertain someone from out-of-town but not for meals anymore. Sax is like a ride at an amusement park. The first time is a blast but after the second or third ride you are ready to get off.

The prices are primo here for the portion sizes but there is no cover charge for the entertainment. The food is good but not exceptional. I was unable to capture good pics due to the very dim lighting here.



The interior in my opinion is the sexiest venue in the city. It puts me in mind of a vampire hideaway, all red velvet and gold…well…I know sounds strange but that’s what I think every time I walk into that place (giggle). Its very nice – a good thing. I find the crew does a very good job. The ladies are dressed up or should I say down in cute attire and everyone is very attentive and vested in making sure that you enjoy the show and the food.

Every 15 mins you are treated to a burlesque performance which is performed on stage above the bar behind a glass partition. These moments last about 2 minutes and initially you won’t be able to take your eyes off these performances.

This is a good venue for groups, special occasions and dates.


Take the metro redline to the metro center exit.