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555 8th Street NW



Poste is one of my favorite go to restaurants in DC. One reason for this is the location. Poste is located very convenient to public transportation and other popular venues like the Verizon Center in Downtown DC.



I am a sucker for sleek modern design and this spot always makes me feel a little like a rock star whether stopping by at happy hour for a little nosh at the outdoor bar, in the courtyard, brunch or dinner on the patio or indoors.



Basil Martini



Poste is part of the Monaco Hotel in the Penn Quarter and on this particular occasion TR, VH1 and I stopped by for lunch. We decided to sit outdoors as it was an absolutely gorgeous day. The Courtyard has a raised patio area that over looks a garden with a bar and lounge seating. It’s so relaxing as they have shade and pumped in chill music…..ahh, I mean it’s really hard to say no to just one more drink!



Brassiere Burger




I’ve always had great experiences with the staff here and on this day there was no exception. I arrived first and grabbed our table and the server made an outstanding recommendation for a Basil Martini so I said, hey why not its past noon! Fast forward one hour and I am not sure how many we had but the bar tab for the three of us was about $90…yes this was lunch but we were not headed back to the office (giggle).




It was agonizing trying to choose just one thing off the menu but finally I decided to go with the grass feed burger on the onion bun. OMG this burger was so flavorful and juicy. I didn’t think I would be able to eat it all but, one bite lead to another then another and the next thing I knew….all gone. Came with truffle fries.

VH1 is not satisfied until she has something raw and slimy to put in her mouth sooooo, she chose the Croque Madame “Miss Crunchy” and was really satisfied as well.

TR got there late (surprise) so she decided to basically drink her lunch…. as we were headed down for the Jazz at the Sculpture Garden.

As you can see I recommend Poste. The food is consistently good as is the service and the venue. In fact, the outdoor area may be one of the best in the city.



Miss Crunchy





Take the metro red line to Gallery Place exit, order the Basil Martini, sit back and enjoy!






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