Pizza – A Listing of Local Pie Shops


Pizza in the DMV


Ahh, my comfort food. How great is pizza? An entire meal in one delicious bite!

Hey who doesn’t like Pizza? My grandfather that’s who. A couple of things he used to say to us on more than one occasion….. “Can you suffer the consequences”, “Don’t call me Pops” we called our grandparents by their first names but never Pop so WTH??, and “I don’t eat Pizza”. The first two are pretty self explanatory but the Pizza thing just didnt make sense to me. I knew he served during the War so I imagined that maybe during WWII he was captured by the Italians and forced fed pizza (okay I was just a kid) ……well I never figured that out but that always meant….more for me!

I’ve done pizza from different parts of Italy, in Rome, Venice, Florence and Naples where I guess it was invented. Maybe you agree, its truly delicious there. I even made a visit to that location in Naples from the book Eat, Pray, Love and it was (I am making that gesture where I kiss my fingers like the Italians). I gotta find my pictures and post.

Does anyone out there remember Shakey’s Pizza? When I was a kid, on the weekends, my mom would take us to Shakey’s. I loved their pizza and salads. You could also watch through the window while they made it. The crust was nice and crispy and the sauce had an unusual but yummy flavor I really miss that place.

Just like most folks (except my grandfather) I love pizza, all kinds of Pizza. Deep dish, thin crust, hand toss, stuffed, square, round, triangular, inverted etc. This report will list pizza that I enjoy from varies places. Come back often as I will update as I eat my way through the city!




Don’t like this pizza and never have!

What’s all the fuss about? I was not impressed with this place but since most people seem to be crazy about it I would imagine you will be too.


Pizza Hut



I pretty much enjoy all the different Pizza Hut pizza styles. The sauce is rich and tangy, chunky toppings and the pan pizza crust has a slight crunch with a hint of butter. Its also nice that they are located all over the place (heck I think I even had a pie during my visit to China last year) so not hard to find. I grew up on this stuff and I’ve got the thighs to prove it!




Surprisingly, this restaurant, which is not Italian, has very good pizza. The crust is slightly chewy but in a good way. The ingredients are fresh and they go light on the sauce. During happy hour you can score a great deal on the price. I recommend you check this out. What is that secret ingredient I sense, I want to say Sage or Thyme. Try it out and let me know what you think.


Pete’s New Haven Pizza (Current Reigning Champion)

Pete’s New Haven


Currently my favorite place to grab a pie. The sauce is just the way I like it, kind of tangy. The toppings are not anything unusual just good basic selections. They only have 2 types of crust but you may want to go with the thin. Order a large!


Papa John’s



There was a time when I could enjoy a slice from here but now I only bother if I am at a kids birthday party and its free or I am marooned on an island and this is the only thing there AND I am starving.





This place is like McDonald’s now, located on every corner. The pizza is pretty  good and they have a nice selection of toppings. Would not go out of my way but now that they are expanding all over the DMV you won’t have to.


Cheesecake Factory



This maybe the only thing I can recommend here except for the cheesecake. The pizza is decent and during lunch and early eve hours you can add a salad for a decent price.


California Pizza



Not sure how I can put this but I don’t like this pizza but I like all the separate parts. I love the crust flavor. Its slightly sweet and the toppings are fine but for some reason its always soggy and while that may go over well in California, me no like!


District Pi


Yeah baby…. Mama Mia!  They also have a food truck rolling on a street near you.


DC Slice - Its a Food Truck


I use to work late nights at the pizza place on campus and these slices remind me of the good old days.I think this is just a food truck right? Doesn’t matter, you can stalk this truck here. Nice greasy pie’s here with flavorful toppings.


On my list to try:

Comet Pizza


If you have a favorite Pizza Joint leave a message here.