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Park Tavern 

200 M St SE



The Park Tavern is a very new arrival to the Ball Park District. So new in fact that I can’t find a legit functioning website yet. The residents and folks that work in this area anticipated the opening of this restaurant in the winter 2012 but it was not to be. I read reports that they were in search of a chef – or something like that – which prolonged the opening.  Well, I guess they found someone because voila, about a month ago the restaurant opened their doors.



Outdoor Dining

The Park Tavern is housed in an interesting looking building set within a park area across from the DOT in south east off M Street. At first glance, I bet a lot of folks don’t even think its a restaurant. The restaurant is a wooden rectangular shape. The entrance is about a block from the metro green line Navy Yard station.

I immediately got a relaxed feeling when I stepped in the space. Maybe because it was a little slow and the noise level was inviting. Its not a large venue but the configuration makes it feel larger as parts of the space are not immediately within view when you enter. The ceilings are low, I guess this gives the place a ‘tavern’ feel, and there is wood everywhere while still feeling contemporary . I am not sure why this venue seems so ‘odd or interesting’ to me. For some reason this restaurant is not what I expect to see where its located. Maybe its because I know that the spot was previously used to park DC school buses and now this chic, modern structure is there now.  I like the interior.




In the winter, the restaurant will be surrounded by the ice rink which is closed for the season, but now it has nice outdoor seating that should be a very nice place to enjoy the food. On this particular day it was a little windy so we grabbed a space inside next to the windows. Now onto the meat and potatoes.

I was not sure what to expect of the menu but I thought it would be something close to some kind of ‘Jamestown or Williamsburg’ theme. Okay maybe not Jamestown but you know what I mean given the name of the place “Tavern”. My mouth was watering for baked chicken, stews, duck, rabbit, roasted root veggies, quail, some kind of fish that settlers caught off the Virginia coast, and words like ‘farm to table’ (folks in DC go  CRAZY when they see this on a restaurant website (I have no idea why)) and Ale to wash it all down BUT this is not the case.

Burger (Lamb and Beef) with Fresh Salad

I arrived for lunch so the actual lunch menu has burgers, a fish or chicken salad sandwich, flatbread and small plates. I normally have a link inserted here so that you can see the menu for yourself but like I mentioned, no website yet. I am not sure how the dinner menu differs (if at all) but on weekends they open at 11:00am with “a few breakfast items”. Clearly this restaurant is trying to get its bearings and just so happen its one of the few spots in the neighborhood so folks are a little more forgiving and not willing to immediately write this place off.


Fish Sandwich with Fries

The basic burger and fish sandwiches where good but nothing stood out for us. Do I recommend this place, yes. Why, because the food is fine and if I lived in this area or on my way to a National’s game (in the neighborhood) I’d stop by. Would I go out of my way to come here…of course not….. I mean no probably not. I think they have plans to offer more of a brunch menu for the weekends so hopefully this means that management is not opposed to creating a menu that can separate The Tavern apart from the pack.