J&G Streakhouse – Lives Up to the Reputation


515 15th Street NW

I’ve lived and traveled to more than a few cities in my life and I can’t think of any place more conservative than DC. Having said that, the J&G Steakhouse dinning room was a text book conservative DC eatery. We picked this place because it was close to a show venue and we wanted to experience the roof top bar along with dinner.

 Let me just mention that there are a few things that I refuse to do in life. One is pay $12 to dry clean a dress when dry clean depot only charges $2. Two is pay $15 dollars for a shot glass worth of liquor that actually costs $2 and third, pay $20 for valet parking when everything in this city is within 5 blocks of a $2 metro ride but that’s just me. Well on this occasion I was actually being treated to drinks and dinner so guess what, I ordered that $15 drink and guess what else, yep it tastes just like the happy hour $8 drink around the corner.


The restaurant is located in the W Hotel. We walked into the hotel lobby, this is a Starwood property, and I expected the interior to be very swanky and modern but of course it was a lot more conservative but still very nice as expected. We made a bee line to the elevators to head up to the rooftop bar to grab a quick drink before dinner but a very nice gentleman met us and asked if he could assist. We said nope, we are going up to the bar but thanks. Well, he told us that there was a private function for the evening and asked if we’d like to take our drinks at the lobby bar. So I didn’t have a chance to check out the roof top bar but they still had the $15 drinks in the lobby (giggle). BTW, this was during the same time as the White House correspondence dinner so I imagine that the guest list on the roof was worthy of hollywood.



Before we knew it our reservation was upon us so with drinks in hand we headed over to the dinning room. The ceilings sprang up at least 2 levels and the staff whisked around in black vests, crisp white shirts, very professional but friendly. I could tell that most folks inside were hotel guests and I noticed something strange! There were actually children in this restaurant. I mean kids that take booster seats. I don’t know about you but outside of Eastern Market, aka, the Stroller District, I RARELY see kids at dinner in DC. It was refreshing as living and working in the same DC neighborhood I can go a week without seeing a little person.

Anyway, we decided to order a bottle of red wine and asked the server for a suggestion. I can’t remember what he brought back (I normally take a pic because I can never remember) but it was marvelous smarvelous. We decided to try the pre-theater menu and a la carte and started off with the Heart of Romaine Caesar Salad and Bacon Wrapped Gulf Shrimp Passion Fruit Mustard, Avocado. The Salad was outstanding. The romaine was intensely fresh and sweet. The cheese and dressing was very light, perfection. The large wrapped shrimp was incredible. Again, fresh and flavorful, just perfect.



Filet Mignon

For the entrees, we went beef all the way and had the Petit Filet Mignon with fries and Short Ribs Vinaigrette Sugar Snap Peas, Jalapeño with a baked potato. The beef was so tender and juicy prepared just right with the Jalapeño adding the perfect hint of heat. Every bite of the potato was perfectly cooked I mean perfect.


Finally, for dessert we shared the ice cream and sorbet. We both took a spoonful and looked at one another with looks on our face like, yep this is so good. We were beyond satisfied with our meals and it actually was not really expensive, well worth it.




J&G is about 2 blocks from the White House. Take the metro red line to metro center and run don’t walk to J&G!