Chez Billy – Nothin But Net


3815 Georgia Ave. NW


So a few of us got together for dinner at Chez Billy. I gotta admit, finally an excuse to hang out in this part of town. Not unlike most parts of the District, coffee shops, restaurants and clubs are popping up all over the place and I’ve really never had a reason to head up to this part of town for dinner until now.



Chez Billy has been open for about a year and I could kick myself for not getting here sooner. From the street it does not really impress but once you walk into the main bar area you get a feel for what to expect – to be wow’ed!


When they say they open at 5:30 they mean it. Our reservation was for 5:30 and we arrived at about 5:25 and had to wait on the sidewalk until they unlocked the doors….which was actually at 5:33. It would seem that they would open the bar at 5pm so that folks do not have to time their arrival perfectly for 5:30pm. I mean they could potentially have 20 folks with reservations that show up 5 mins early and everyones on the sidewalk waiting….not a good scene.


Once we stepped in the door that was all forgotten because …well take a look at this pic.



The interior is impressive and larger than I expected. They also have an outdoor area with a bar that must really be nice for happy hour on summer afternoons.



VH1 and I arrived on time, as usual while VH2 and IF came late, as usual so we sat at the bar to enjoy a drink with the bartender Roger. Chez Billy does have happy hour prices at the bar and the wine was very nice – Pinot Noir. Ask Roger to give you the details about the history of the building, it was very interesting and he was really nice.


Finally we were all ready to head to our table and the team that waited on us that evening was fantastic. Don’t forget to ask for recommendations because it was very helpful for us and spot on. From here on out I pretty much could just post the pictures and be done and just say head here but let me give you a few details on what we had.






Note, everything and I mean, everything was outstanding!!! View the menu here.




VH1 started with the Tartine aux Champignons, then Beef Cheeks, and Crepes. VH2 and IF started with Blood Sausage and Whipped Pork Belly, followed by Steak and Mussels and I of course had the Duck for entree, started with Whipped Pork Belly Pate and Profiteroles for dessert.




The Mushrooms were p-e-r-f-e-c-t-i-o-n. The Pork Belly spread on the toasted bread awesome, you gotta try both of these to start.



VH2 enjoyed the Sausage and mentioned that her Steak was prepared very well and very tender. I sampled IF Mussels and wow, outstanding.


The Duck delicious and VH1 Beef Cheeks so tender and flavorful. Like I said the meal was perfect.








I really recommend Chez Billy and it couldn’t be easier to find. Take the metro green line to Georgia Aveune stop. If driving it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a meter.



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