30th Mar 2014
Roasted Merino Lamb / White Bean Puree / Roasted Sunchokes - Bastille Restaurant & Wine Bar

Bastille – Approaching Fabulous

1201 N Royal St, Alexandria, VA March 2014       The above quote is taken directly from Bastille’s website. What does “approachable” mean when it comes to prices? Do...

20th Aug 2013
Bistro d'oc

Bistro d’oc – Family Affair

518 Tenth Street NW Bistro d’oc is a very quaint venue inside and out. There is something special about this family owned and managed place that I can’t put my...

07th Aug 2013
Le Diplomate

Le Diplomate – A Little Paris in DC

Le Diplomate 1601 14th Street NW   We are so lucky to live in the Washington DC metro area.  We have access to three airports, two of which are international....

06th Aug 2013
pain de quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien

I never have regrets when I leave here because the menu is filled with vegan and organic light fare. This is my go to place when I want something yummy while keeping my calorie count low. But if you want to cheat a little there are marvelous pastries, muffins, turnovers, cookies, tarts and of course Pain. Did I mention that I love this place?