Carlyle Grand Cafe – You Know What I Love About this Place?

Carlyle Grand Cafe
4000 Campbell Ave, Arlington, VA

If you’ve lived in the DC metro area for any length of time you have been to one of the Great American Restaurants jewels. Yes I know jewel is a pretty strong word normally reserved for 5 star venues but I am going for it here!


Short Ribs - Carlyle Grand Cafe

Short Ribs – Carlyle Grand Cafe

You know what I love about this place…..a few things.

  1. Consistency
    When I roll into the Carlyle I know exactly what I’ll get. Never as good as the first time??? Rubbish, not here, the food taste just like the first time. So in a way I think my mind is saying …’Oh they know just the way I like it”. Wait this is starting to sound like a steamy novel…. giggle. But I think you see what I mean. I go here for a specific entrée and I appreciate knowing that my expectation will be met.
  2. Hours
    The Carlyle is open all day. So many venues close around 2:30 then reopen around 5pm. Yes I get it the chef needs a break, they are not machines. But on the other hand my tummy wants what it wants WHEN it wants it!
  3. The Team
    These guys have their process down to a science. This team actually works as a team. Yes you have a dedicated person but you can ask anyone for help and they will oblige instead of saying….”let me get your guy”. Everyone is very efficient and cordial. The food is served fairly quickly too.
  4. The Food
    Finally the food. Love it! The menu is great and they always have daily specials. Just take a look at the pics


Mixed Greens - Carlyle Grand Cafe

Mixed Greens – Carlyle Grand Cafe


Short Ribs - Carlyle Grand Cafe

Short Ribs – Carlyle Grand Cafe


Bred Pudding - Carlyle Grand Cafe

Bread Pudding – Carlyle Grand Cafe

This restaurant group provides venues that have a neighborhood feel., not too fancy and very comfortable. Try to grab a seat outdoors and don’t forget to check out the bakery. The formula here is good food, good service .