B&O American Brasserie – Baltimore (NoshDC on the Road)

2 North Charles Street
Baltimore , MD 21201

March 2014



So far I’ve never met a Kimpton property restaurant that I didn’t love. Since I was headed to the Hippodrome  to take in a show I decided to try the B&O American Brasserie. View the menu here.

Normally I starve myself into a dizzy spell as to allow for a minimum of three courses. Today since I was working from home I went a little over board at lunch and only had appetite enough for an entrée. Plus less than an hour to go before they dim the lights to start the show. (Book of Mormon which was smarvelous!)


B&O American Brasserie

B&O American Brasserie

Tough choice but I decided on the Crispy Skin Rockfish. But let me give you a couple of details about this spot. 

The bar is super tiny and was completely full so I headed upstairs to the second level seating. The lighting was perfect and there is a comfortable feeling when seated.

 B&O American Brasserie - Baltimore

B&O American Brasserie – Baltimore



The tables are not too close so it’s easy to have a nice conversation. What I could not appreciate was the carpeting throughout.  I am a hard surface girl and carpet just seems so ….well yuckish but that’s just a personal thing I’ll need to review on the couch next week.

 I saw that the staff made several pass throughs with that little manual carpet cleaner thing…ugh…makes me want to sneeze.


B&O American Brasserie - Baltimore

B&O American Brasserie – Baltimore

  Nothing special about the service here but nothing negative to report either.


Now back to the star, the Rockfish. It was perfectly prepared, meaty with the skin nice and crispy. The base was a flavorful bouillabaisse with lentils, crabmeat and mussels. Who could ask for anything more?

Rockfish - B&O American Brasserie

Rockfish – B&O American Brasserie


I imagine that the crab cake should be something special with this being Baltimore and all but I just had to go with the Rockfish.


Rockfish - B&O American Brasserie - Baltimore

Rockfish – B&O American Brasserie – Baltimore

As mentioned I’ve had outstanding experiences with Kimption Property restaurants. In DC see my review of  Poste and Urbana. In San Francisco see my review of Scala’s.

Whether you’re coming from DC headed to a show or a local this place is a great choice.