Belga Cafe – Rock Steady

Belga Cafe

514 8th St SE


Belga Cafe

Belga Cafe

Belga Cafe is a relative old timer compared to so many newcomers within the last 2 years to the Eastern Market area and it’s still standing strong.
There are so many things to like about this place and I guess that’s why it still remains so popular amongst the competition.
One thing I’ve learned to acknowledge and give its due credit is how much the crew brings to an establishment, airline or hotel chain.  I mean initially when a restaurant opens folks are excited and the food maybe very good and this usually makes for a famously successful start. But eventually, if the staff is not very friendly or efficient slowly but surely it soon loses its charm.  In the case of Belga Café the charm has been consistently present as if it’s a family run business.
Last weekend I woke pretty early and decided to drop by for brunch. Saturday brunch starts at 9:00am. Immediately when I arrived I felt very welcome and at ease. Not in an overly attentive way either which can sometimes be just as frustrating as being under attended. The greeting is more like, hey how you doing – good to see you come in and have a seat…..
The venue is not very large but tastefully designed. The entire space is within site as you step into the door and there is also outdoor seating.
Belga Cafe - Ribbetjesen Gebakken Eieren

Belga Cafe – Ribbetjesen Gebakken Eieren

I sat at the bar this time and decided to overdo it as usual. I ordered the Fried eggs, creamy polenta, braised short ribs, garlic bread and the banana waffles.

Belga Cafe - Banana Waffles

Belga Cafe – Banana Waffles



Belga Cafe - Waffle Condiments

Belga Cafe – Waffle Condiments


The condiments supplied with the waffle are nice, a pudding like spread, nutella, chocolate, bacon, powdered sugar, whipped cream and fresh strawberry garnish. The hash is a very hardy dish served in a cast iron plate with very tender beef and creamy polenta. 
I also love the beer selection and the mussels and fries are outstanding.
Great food, crew and venue make this someplace you should consider when looking for someplace for a date, group or with kids.
Take the metro blue or orange line to Eastern Market then a 5 minute walk.