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3311 Connecticut Ave, NW


We decided to go for brunch and about a million places popped into my mind but before I could chime in VH1 shot a message back with an Open Table reservation for Ardeo Bardeo. So although the name was very familiar I’d never been so I began my usual procedure of going out to peruse Ardeo’s site, more precisely the  brunch menu.

Ardeo Bardeo - Brunch

Ardeo Bardeo – Brunch


One thing that got my attention on the site was the ‘About‘ page and how hard this place was trying to impress folks with information that seemed out of place….get rid of it. For instance, “located in the historic district of Cleveland Park”. Historic district is passé, my house in DC is more than 100 years old, what neighborhood is not ‘historic’ anymore? I think it would be better to tell people that you are within blocks of the National Zoo or just say ‘Cleveland Park”. Then it notes that its “four miles from the White House”. Really, well that’s the longest four miles I’ve ever seen, this place is pretty much located on the other side of town compared to the White House….no where near it so why mention that? They then go on to list famous people who “frequent” the restaurant, wow really Alan Greenspan? I’d recommend revamping this information as not to appear so needy and talk about the food because brunch was fantastic.

My life seems to run in 7 year cycles how about you? For instance, there was a time when I found myself in the  ‘historic’ Cleveland Park all the time for one reason or another  but lately, I can’t remember the last time I’ve driven by this area. Now, Aredo is my new reason to keep going back.

Aredo is located within a very busy strip across the street from the Uptown Theatre tucked in between other restaurants, drug store and repair shops. The interior is very inviting with a nice layout and warm colors, very clean and modern with a nice size bar that divides the otherwise large room. The facade is mostly glass so you get plenty of sunlight and a view of the activities outside which I always love for solo dining.


We decided to do the Champagne Brunch which gives you bottomless champagne plus an appetizer and entree for $27.

Ardeo Bardeo - Deviled Eggs

Ardeo Bardeo – Deviled Eggs



Ardeo Bardeo - Veggie Omelet

Ardeo Bardeo – Veggie Omelet



Between us we decided on the Deviled Eggs and Crispy Brussels Sprouts, Pork & Grits and French Toast they also gave us a nice basket of these scrumptious bread items.


Ardeo Bardeo - Brussels Sprouts

Ardeo Bardeo – Brussels Sprouts



Ardeo Bardeo - Pork and Grits

Ardeo Bardeo – Pork and Grits


Everything was very well done but I thought the Sprouts and French Toast were outstanding. You will find brussels sprouts on the menu in many venues in DC and Ardeo goes up their among the best I’ve had. The french toast has got to be the best I’ve had period. Very delicate toppings not too sweet, please don’t change a thing! The french toast portion is large enough to serve two. TR also ordered a side of bacon along with her veggie omelet and potatoes.

Ardeo Bardeo - Bacon

Ardeo Bardeo – Bacon




The full brunch menu is here.

Like I said, go for the food the brunch was delicious. You’ve got to try the french toast. If driving allow an extra 10  minutes to find a parking spot or take the metro red line to the ‘historic’ Cleveland Park stop and enjoy.



Ardeo Bardeo - French Toast

Ardeo Bardeo – French Toast







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